Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It is amazing to see misguided people, especially extremely ignortant, misguided Americans, continue to claim that the USA was wrong in dropping Fat Man and Little Boy (the first two nuclear weapons) on the innocent civilians of Japan.  Even more distressing is the way these people (you know them, they are the usual suspects) endlessly portray our government as morally equivalent with Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  The historical track-record shows that the United States is the only nation that the rest of the world can trust with super-power status.  What we could have done with our unique nuclear technology in 1945, when no other nation had the bomb and could not have opposed our might, stands as an unmatched example of our international good will.  Never before in the history of our troubled globe was one nation actually in a position to impose its will on others.  The fact that America chose not to do so is the greatest evidence of our benign national character, and our sincere desire that all peoples be free to govern themselves.  What would have happened if Nazi Germany had developed the atomic bomb first?  What about Stalin’s cruel regime in the USSR?  Would they have hesitated for one moment to use the bomb for territorial expension?  The world should be thankful that the nation that succeeded in developing this terrible weapon first did not use it as a means to subjugate others!

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