Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods

I watched Tiger Wood’s apology today.  I was impressed with the man’s sincerity and willingness to shoulder the total responsibility for his personal failures.  That is almost totally lacking in a great many people today.  The majority of professional athletes caught in similar circumstances display no conscience about the moral damage they leave in their wake.  He said that his core values stem from the Buddhism his mother taught him.  The total burden for change rests on himself.  From the perspective of a Christian, this is a burden weak human nature simply cannot bear.  Something else was also glaringly absent.  Mr. Woods expressed the hope that all those people who had supported him and looked up to him as a role model would one day be able to do so again.  The word and the concept of “forgiveness” was never used.  But of course, forgiveness is a Christian concept.  Those who have genuinely experienced this gift from God, and what it does to wash a guilty conscience will wish Mr. Woods will one day find its healing power.  I'll have one more thought about Tiger's statement tomorrow.


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