Saturday, December 26, 2009

Accepting God's Word

A genuine profession of faith will manifest its sincerity in the person’s attitude toward the Bible.  True conversion will always be accompanied by a new delight in the word of the Lord.  It is very striking in what manner the Bible describes the love of the Christian for God’s word.  It uses terms that convey intense feeling as well as reverence.  Those who are born again will not only acknowledge the Bible as God’s inspired revelation, they will now love and enjoy it  as never before.  They will wholeheartedly accept and rejoice in what it teaches as wisdom from God.  Doctrines that once seemed to be foolish to them now have a great power to motivate and change their hearts.  There is no true saving faith without a spiritual sight of God’s glory that is imparted to a new child of God by means of the word of God (2 Corinthians 4:6).  All the prejudices of the heart against the truth of divine things are removed, so that the new believer is satisfied that the Bible is completely trustworthy.  This is called in scripture “full assurance of faith.”  The gospel is believed on with joy on the basis of its own convincing evidence, not because some particular individual or church accepts it.  The Christian will not merely accept the Bible intellectually, but will cherish it as a priceless treasure.

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