Friday, March 5, 2010

Moses' Faith

What did faith do in the heart of Moses to make him choose to reject what most people would do anything to get?  And what makes up biblical faith; what does it consist of?  I’ll take up the second question first.  In 1 Timothy 1:15, in a very important statement concerning what is central to Christian faith, the apostle Paul says that the gospel is “trustworthy and deserving full acceptance.”  Note those two things.  The gospel is worthy and deserving of something—of a certain kind of response.  And this response must be full or wholehearted.  The word of God must be accepted as true.  But that is not enough.  We acknowledge a lot of things to be true, that are of no importance to us or which we dislike and have nothing to do with.  God’s word must be accepted as not only true, but embraced as good.  We must see the great value of biblical truth to us personally and pursue it with all our heart.  That is the complete response that Paul affirmed, and of which Moses was such an auspicious example.  We must wrap our hearts around the doctrines of the Bible, and not let go for anything!  I’ll look more closely at the first question tomorrow. 

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