Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Moses' Extraordinary Choice

What Moses gave up in making his decision to forsake the wealth and honor of Egypt is genuinely amazing.  The extraordinary self-denial that Moses was called upon to exercise was not meant to be a solitary, unique instance of that virtue.  What Moses did, the choice he made, is required of all Christians.  We may not have as much to put on the altar as Moses had, but every believer is called on by God to give all that they have.  What motivated him to make such a choice?  The answer to that important question is worth whatever effort we must exert to find it.  We should seriously ponder what the Bible means when it says that Moses’ choice was made by faith.  God must have done a deep work in his heart.  What does faith do to produce self-denial?  That is what I will explore for a few days. (For more on Moses’ choice, see my post for January 4.)

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