Monday, March 1, 2010

Hostility to God

Romans 8:7 states unambiguously that the heart of an unbeliever “is hostile toward God;” and will not submit to His law.  No matter how kindhearted, generous, or good they appear to be, people who reject Christ have a deep-seated hatred of God.  Many people who think of themselves as agnostics would not admit that they are hostile to God.  They claim they are neutral.  But neutrality is not possible.  Jesus said “He who is not with Me, is against Me.”  So, why are people hostile to God? Why do they have such enmity in their hearts towards His law?  In John 14:21, Jesus connected love for God with keeping His commandments.  There is also an inseparable connection between hating God and breaking His law.  The hostility that people have for God and His word is determined by their love of sin.  People hate God because they love sin (John 3:19-20)!  Habitual sin is evidence of malice or hatred of God and His holy law.  Whether they think so or not, at the root of their actions is a rebellion against God’s right to govern His creation as He sees fit.  They really wish God did not exist, so there would be no final judge to call them to account.  That is what people really hate about the biblical conception of God.  If the Lord would just love them, without placing restrictions on their actions, they would be glad to acknowledge and honor Him.  But the minute He takes His rightful place as the moral Governor of the universe, asserting His right to measure and judge their behavior by His holy law, they rise up in hot rebellion.  What finally determines what they think about God is their love of sin.

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