Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seeking Blessedness

I have observed a remarkable discernment in the writings and sermons of the Puritans.  In seeking to understand why the things of this world, even an abundance of them, cannot satisfy the human heart, Puritans like Thomas Watson get to the real heart of the matter.  Here is Watson’s summary of a very important point: “Many have shot wide of the mark in  seeking blessedness.  It cannot be found in worldly things, but how ready is man to place happiness in them.  The tree of blessedness does not grow in an earthly paradise.  God cursed the ground for sin, yet many are digging for happiness there and seeking a blessing out of a curse.  You may as well seek fire out of water.  Earthly things are transitory and not adapted to the soul.”  That is brilliant!  Watson’s grasp of the implications of God’s curse on our lives is profound.  We have endless illustrations from the lives of wealthy, famous people that no amount of the world’s pleasures and riches can make people happy.  They were never intended to.  As Watson made clear, they are not “adapted to the soul.”  Earthly possessions have no ability to soothe a troubled heart.  The world can no more keep trouble out of hearts than paper can shield a bullet.   

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