Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poor in Spirit in Abundance

The Puritans carefully considered all of the different aspects of being poor in spirit.  In great thoroughness, they looked at each subject from various perspectives.  Jeremiah Burroughes’ comments on poverty of spirit in the midst of abundance are a ringing challenge to professing Christians today: “What does it mean to be poor in spirit?  If a man is willing in heart to take a low condition if God shall so please, or if he has many worldly goods yet he is willing to give them up when God calls for them, he is poor is spirit.  His soul says, ‘I have received these good mercies from God, but I am ready to part with all these outward accommodations.  I am willing to lay aside all my pomp and riches and glory that I have in this world, that the Lord may have any glory by me.’  If you have been given estates, you may enjoy them, but do you have the disposition in your heart that if you had to make a choice, you would let your estate go, instead of denying the least truth of God?  Would you rather yield your riches than commit the least sin against your conscience?  Can you bring your heart to this?”  This is to be poor in spirit, to be willing to take whatever place God has for us without complaint, and to have this spirit in the midst of abundance.   

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