Saturday, September 18, 2010

Delight in Every Duty

“I shall delight in Your statutes, I shall not forget Your words” (Psalms 119:16).  The Christian duties that God requires of us each day are meant to be done with delight.  Reading and hearing God’s word should refresh us; it should be our recreation.  The true character of a Christian will be manifested in recreation as well as in business, in simple daily activities as much as in religious ones.  If we were as we should be, free from the influence of sin, reading the Bible and contemplating spiritual things would be immense pleasure to us.  If we love something, it is because we have found joy in the object that we love.  Delight in God sets all of our other affections in order.  Our highest desire and delight should be reserved for God.  All of the earthly things He has created are to be used in serving Him.  We have liberty to enjoy earthly things, but excess is forbidden.  If we delight in creation more than in God, our desire for Him will degenerate, our capacity to love Him will decay.  The wonderful affections God has endowed us with, such as love, joy, fear, reverence, etc., are intended to enable us to enjoy and serve Him with everything that is in us.    

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